How to charge Theragun mini

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How to charge Theragun mini? A potent handheld massager made especially for on-the-go relief is the Theragun mini. It has a small footprint and three attachments for flexible massage. Simply connect the Theragun mini’s charger to a power source and the massager to charge it. It will take the massager about two hours to charge completely. The Theragun small can be used continuously for up to two hours after being charged.

How to check the Theragun mini battery level

Locating the device’s power button is the first step. Find the power button, then press and hold it there for three seconds.

The power indicator light will start to flash after that. You can now let go of the power button. The quantity of flashes reflects the battery’s capacity right now. A single flash indicates a low battery, two flashes indicate a medium battery, and three flashes indicate a high battery.

It is advised that you charge the battery as soon as you can if it is low. Simply connect the included charging cable to the device’s charging port to begin charging the device. The power indicator light will turn red once the charging cable is securely attached, signaling that the device is charging.

The power indicator light will turn green when the battery in the gadget is fully charged. It is significant to remember that charging the smartphone completely takes about two hours.

Please refer to the user manual if you have any additional queries regarding the Theragun.

Can you use the Theragun mini while charging?

While charging, the Theragun S can be utilized. This is so that the charging cord can be utilized while the mini is in operation. The Small can be docked for charging before being plugged into an electrical outlet to start charging. When the mini is charging, the charging dock’s light glows red; when it is fully charged, the light turns green.

How to charge Theragun mini

Connect the charging station to the power supply before beginning to charge your Theragun mini. After that, put the charging dock into the Theragun mini’s bottom charging port. When the Theragun small is charging, the charging indication light will become red. The Theragun small is fully charged and prepared for use when the charging indication light turns green.

1. Create an account on Theragun after downloading the program.

2. Bluetooth-connect the small to the app.

3. Join the power adapter to the device’s charging port at the bottom.

4. Connect the power adapter to an electrical socket.

5. When the gadget is charging, the charging indicator light will turn on.

6. The app will begin charging the Mini and will show the current battery level.

7. When the phone is fully charged, unplug it from the charger and enjoy.

Summary: How to charge Theragun Mini

Theragun small is a fantastic tool for reducing bodily discomfort and inflammation. Here are some pointers for charging the gadget correctly:

1. Charge the Theragun mini completely before using it for the first time.

2. Recharge the Theragun mini using the included charging cord and a USB port.

3. Charging the Theragun will take about 2 hours.

4. After the Theragun small has finished charging, disconnect the charging cable and put it away safely.

5. Simply turn on the theragun and press it against the area of the body that is inflamed or in discomfort to utilize it.

6. After 15 minutes of use, the Theragun S will turn itself off.

7. Restart the Theragun small by pressing the power button.

8. A single charge of the Theragun Mini can be used for up to three hours.

9. After using the Theragun mini, make sure to turn it off and unplug the charging cable.

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