Quick Tips For How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa

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If you have a sectional sofa and want to place it over a rug, you have to know how to place a rug under a sectional sofa. This is not easy to do because it requires a stronger sense of design. You have to place different items of furniture according to an order. Couch with chaise rug placement is easy if you can follow some tricks. Here I will make it easy by sharing my way of sectional sofa rug placement. So, let’s start learning how to place a rug under a sectional sofa.

What is Rug?

What is Rug

According to Oxford Languages, a rug is “a floor covering of thick woven material or animal skin, typically not extending over the entire floor.” This is the formal definition of the rug that covers the largest piece of its definition. But if I want to define it casually, then I have to say that the rug is a member of our floor plan.

This is a kind of carpet that covers central space or floor space to make it more beautiful. There are different types of area rugs in the market to make the entire space of the floor more attractive. The aesthetic design of some colorful rugs makes our design ideas more acceptable to the family members and outsiders.

Some people love the idea of using rugs under the sectional sofa. There are many variations of rugs based on their use. They are the living room rug, bedroom rug, kitchen rug, and dining room rug. I hope you get the idea about rugs, now wait to know how to position a rug with a corner sofa.

What Size Rug Goes Under a Sectional Couch?

What Size Rug Goes Under a Sectional Couch

There is no rule of thumb on the size of a rug to place it under the sofa in the size guide. If your 8×10 rug is under sectional, then you have to use a little larger space covering the rug. You may take a 12-18” space covering rug for your sofa.

The height of the furniture leg is also important before selecting the rug size. So, they need a long space before buying a rug to cover enough area for a piece of furniture. If your living room furniture dimension is 90 inches, then try to use a 120 inches rug. This type of size difference will cover the entire sofa area or under the side of the sofa legs.

So, try to keep this range of extra length. This difference in rug size will go under a sectional sofa. Thinking about the rug size sectional sofa, you should not take any extra long ones. You can select a shorter edge rug to make it perfect.

Should a Rug Go Under a Couch?

“Many men many minds,” This phrase is also applicable to the seating arrangement and floor plan design. Some people like rugs only under their center table, some people like under the coffee table, and some people don’t like any rug on their floor. Among rug lovers, most people like to use it under furniture items. But should it go under the couch?

The answer to this question depends on your furniture planning. You may think to use the rug under the sectional sofa or use it in front of the pieces of furniture. But normally, the rug’s function is to define the furniture area. It should cover the ample space of your floor and also under or adjoining spaces or furniture items. The rug goes under a sectional sofa that is called a standard rug size.

This type of rug pulls all the furniture items together, and covers evolved space. So, it should be under the furniture leg. If you can not place it under the couch, then it will not be effective rug placement. You have to follow the carpet placement process to get an excellent rug placement. You will get the best result if you can place it under.

Should a Rug be Lighter or Darker than Couch

This is a color conception of the decor arrangement and furniture compilation. The modern living rooms get the most priority because it is the first place where people come and sit. If this room is colorful and has some bright space, it will be more acceptable and appropriate.

The design and color scheme of the carpet can change your room’s look and design. So, you have to be careful about the color selection. The bold color or darker furniture in a light rug will give a bright design and look. But this is not a rule of thumb. There is a carpet color selection and placement option for your pieces. You can make your own choice; it will not create any difficulty in design.

If you love the formal seating arrangement and carpet color selection, then you have a lighter sectional sofa for a darker carper or a lighter carpet for a darker sofa. You can also select any busy pattern or geometric pattern rug if you like. Any matching of color can create design conundra.

Can a Rug be Too Big for a Room

Can a Rug be Too Big for a Room

This is going to be the million-dollar question before buying a rug for our room. I already told you that the rug size should be bigger than the sofa. But should it be too big for a room? The easy and simple answer to this question is ‘No.’ Usually, our room is rectangular.

But we use the middle portion to place a coffee table, a center table, and other furniture pieces. We try to cover the under area of this furniture with the help of a rug. This increases the beauty of our room and defines the sofa area easily. If you don’t have proper space planning, you may make some mistakes in choosing the rug. If you select a rug that is too big for your room, then you will have to fold them to make them the perfect size.

Moreover, the outer borders of the rug have a special beauty. If you buy one such rug, then you will lose sight. Usually, it should be shorter than the room area. But if you love then, you may take the big one. It will be a part of personal taste, but it will lose the sense of balance.

How to Place a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa

This section is also free for you. You take your own decision of placing the rug under your sectional sofa. You need not follow any straight line of rules to do that. Some people like the diagonal placement of the sofa in the room.

On the other hand, some like perfect places. You will place your rug under the sectional depending on many things like room size, furniture size, furniture height, and finally, the rug size.

As you are searching for a way of placing the rug under a sectional sofa, I think it is adequate floor space, and you want to place a rug on the floor then a sofa on it. Let’s show some design tips to place the rug under the couch.

If Your Sofa Legs are less High

The way of placing the rug under the sectional sofa legs depends on the height of the furniture pieces from the floor. If it is just 1 or 2” high, then you can leave the under section open or a bit of space covered.

Because that space will not be visible from the outer area, you can follow this system in your bedroom rugs even if the sofa is higher. You have to cover the visible floor space from the setting space. Then it will have a pleasing appearance. 

If Your Sofa Legs are More High

This is another matter before placing the rug under the sofa. If your sectional sofa is higher, you have to place more deep under the item of furniture.  This is also called a kind of Asymmetrical placement or Asymmetric placement. Asymmetrical rug placement is more wallet-friendly. In this way, you have to place the rug under the furniture to make the floor space visible. You will not need the extra-large space to cover.

These are the basic things to follow to place the rug under the furniture item. However, there is no furniture rule to make a beautiful room design. But if you can follow your idea of space and design scheme, you will be in a room design dilemma. Other people will follow your design in their house.


How far should a rug go under a couch?

This depends on your couch height. If your couch is higher then you will have to place the rug deep under the sofa. You have to ensure the open space should not be visible from the seating area.

Should an area rug be longer than the couch?

The area rug should be longer than the inside dimension of the couch. But it should not be longer than the entire couch. But this is not the rule. You can arrange everything according to your room design ideas.

How big should my coffee table be for a sectional?

A sectional is bigger than other sofas. And it is used by more people. So, the coffee table should be bigger for a sectional sofa than a normal sofa.

Do you have to put a rug under a coffee table?

An area rug covers a long area. And the coffee table is placed in the middle of the sofa. So, you should put a rug under the coffee table. This is one of the famous design questions of furniture items.

What color rug should I get with a GREY couch?

It is your choice. You may select any color according to your idea. But normally an ash color or lighter black or earthy color rug would match with a gray couch. It also depends on the wall paint color.


Finally, I want to suggest to you that the room design or furniture placement is totally up to you. There is no fixed rule to do that. You can select your color, your style, and placement idea. Anything you do from your design asymmetry or design mode will create an attractive sense.

You just have to think about your liking. But the way we show you in the upper sections of the article can be a suggestion for you. I hope you now know how to place an area rug under a sectional sofa which is comfortable furniture. If you are in a room design mood then this article will be more helpful to your design.

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