How to Remove Theragun Attachments?

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How to remove Theragun attachments? Unscrew the attachments from the device before removing them. Simply rotate the attachment clockwise after securely grasping it. Simply pull away from the gadget after releasing the attachment. If you can’t get the attachment off, grip it with pliers and twist it loose.

Push to connect the attachment to the spinning arm’s tip. Place one finger on either side of the plastic connection to remove and grasp the attachment. Remove the connector. A standard ball attachment is included with your Theragun mini for general use.

What is the best way to remove Theragum attachments from a massage gun?

It’s simple to swap out the attachments. With a little twist, each adapter simply slots into the Hypervolt.

What are the benefits of using a Theragun?

The Theragun is a portable massager that helps to relieve muscle pain and tension. Percussive therapy is used by the Theragun to help release muscle knots and trigger points. It’s also said that the Theragun helps with circulation and range of motion.

-Reduces anxiety and tension

-Aids in the relief of pain and tension headaches

-It boosts circulation.

-It helps to reduce inflammation.

-Improves muscle recovery

-Extends the range of motion

-Increases adaptability

How to remove attachments from a Theragun?

how to remove Theragun attachments

If you want to remove attachments from your THERAGUN massager, there are a few simple steps to take. First, ensure that the massager is unplugged and switched off. Then, on the massager, look for the attachment release button. How to Remove Theragun Attachments? Press and hold the release button while simultaneously pulling the attachment away from the massager once you’ve found it. Rep this procedure for each attachment you want to get rid of.

1. Disconnect the device from the charging base and turn it off.

2. Remove the battery cover by pressing the release button and sliding it off.

3. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the four screws while holding the attachment in place.

4. Remove the attachment from the gadget by lifting it up.

Conclusion: How to remove Theragun attachments

Finally, I will tell you again how to remove Theragun attachments-

There are a few simple procedures for removing accessories from your THERAGUN massager. First, ensure that the massager is unplugged and switched off. Then, on the massager, look for the attachment release button. Once you’ve located the button, press and hold it while pulling the attachment away from the massager. The attachment should readily come off with a little effort. You can find more extensive instructions in the THERAGUN user manual if you’re having difficulties removing the attachment.


How do I remove the Theragun mini attachments?

To remove the attachments, twist the attachment counter-clockwise while holding it in one hand.

How do you change attachments on a massage gun?

To replace a massage gun’s attachments, just detach the old one and replace it with a new one.

How do you clean the Theragun attachments?

A moist cloth or an alcohol wipe can be used to clean the attachments. Do not put the Theragun in the water.

How do I use Theragun’s elite attachments?

Simply connect Theragun’s elite attachments to the gadget and follow the user manual’s instructions to use them.

How do you change attachments on Theragun Prime?

To change attachments on the Theragun Prime, unscrew the attachment from the handle and remove it. Then tighten the new attachment with a screwdriver.

How do I change Theragun’s position?

Simply hold down the power button for two seconds to change the Theragun’s position. After that, the Theragun will go into standby mode. To change the position, press and hold the power button down for two seconds. After that, the Theragun will cycle through the various positions.

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