Wall Recliner: The Ultimate Guide to You

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A wall recliner is not a Greek to people. Most people have to live in the least possible space with the least possible furniture and accessories in this present world. For that reason, a wall recliner is popular with a lot of people because of its space-saving ability.

However, not every person knows about wall recliners. As a result, sometimes people ask on Google what a wall recliner is or what a wall hugger recliner is? So, let’s know in detail what a wall recliner or a wall hugger recliner is, how it works, where to place it, the prerequisites of buying a wall recliner, etc.

What is a wall Recliner?

What Is A Wall Recliner?

Simply say, a wall recliner is a recliner chair that is placed near the wall. It reclines so that you can sit there and relax for a while. A wall recliner is also called a wall hugger recliner. Moreover, it is known as a wall-saver recliner as it saves the space of a room.

What is a wall hugger recliner?

What Is A Wall Hugger Recliner?

A wall hugger recliner is not something exceptional. It is a wall recliner chair that is known as a wall hugger recliner because it usually keeps nearby to the wall. It is also known as a wall-saver recliner as it is suitable for saving space. Therefore, a wall hugger recliner is the recliner chair that you can pick if you have less space available in your living room.

How do wall hugger recliners work?

Now, the burning question is how wall hugger recliners work. Just go through the following section to know how does a wall hugger recliner work?

1. Elementary System

First of all, there comes the elementary system of a wall hugger recliner. By and large, wall hugger recliners work through a gliding tool where you have to pull a lever or press a button. The button or lever is fixed beside the recliner. Because of that press or pull, the back part of the recliner chair goes a bit backward.

Also, the gliding tool allows the front side of the chair to give a footrest so that you can keep your legs comfortably on that part. This position of a wall hugger recliner makes the recliner chair a suitable place to rest for.

2. Functioning Mechanism

The functioning mechanism of a wall hugger recliner is an essential thing to think about. There are two procedures for operating a wall hugger recliner. One is the manual way and the other is the electric mechanism.

If you need a wall hugger recliner within a limited budget, you can go for a physically operated wall hugger recliner. Though you have to control this recliner manually, it will be easy to place it wherever you want. Besides, you won’t have to think about the availability of electricity if you choose a manually functioning wall hugger recliner.

On the other hand, an electrically operated wall hugger recliner requires the regular availability of electricity. Although this recliner will be a bit costly, you can go for an electrically operated recliner chair if you have a flexible budget. This type of wall hugger recliner needs a socket to the plugin. As a result, you can’t just place it anywhere you want.

3. Pull or Push

Another procedure of operating a wall hugger recliner is pulling a lever or pushing a button. A lever or a button is attached to the wall recliner. This button or lever will lift the footrest and backrest of the wall hugger recliner. When you only need a chair to sites for, you can simply sit on the recliner. Instead, you can press the button or pull the lever for the backrest and footrest if you want to relax on the recliner chair for some time.

Type of Wall Recliner

Type Of Wall Recliner

There are several types of wall recliners. It depends on the mechanism and the materials that are used for making a wall hugger recliner.

1. Traditional Wall Hugger Recliner

A traditional wall hugger recliner is the recliner that offers a comfortable seat with a backrest. It takes minimum space within the chair and wall when it is reclined. Traditional recliners are sturdy and steady. You can select a traditional wall hugger recliner if you have a minimum budget and a bottom space available in your room.

2. Remote Controlled Wall Hugger Recliner

If you are looking for a wall hugger recliner that is hassle-free to operate, a remote-controlled wall hugger recliner can be the best pick. This type of wall recliner is made with qualitative materials. Besides, you can set a remote-controlled wall recliner in the preferable place of your den.

Although these recliners are a bit pricey, it will be superb to operate these recliners with the remote controller. Remote-controlled recliners are specially required for watching television or spending quality time.

3. Power Controlled Wall Hugger Recliner

When you have the availability of electricity in your home and a suitable place to keep a wall recliner, you can select a power-controlled wall hugger recliner. This recliner requires a socket to be attached because it works with the connection of electricity.

This electrically operated wall hugger recliner will be durable and stable. This type of recliner gives the utmost comfort. But the problem is it won’t work if there is no electricity available in your house.

4. Two Set Wall Hugger Recliner

A two-set wall hugger recliner will be the best choice when your living room has more place. A two-set wall recliner comes with more cushioning for providing much relief. It takes a little more space between the wall and the chair when it reclines. This long-lasting wall hugger recliner will give you extra support. Hence, you can relax on this recliner for as much time as you want.

5. Wall Hugging Recliner Chair

This type of wall hugger recliner is the simplest recliner of all. The target of this recliner is the people who have fewer requirements. This wall recliner is easy to set up, operate, and clean. Besides, it is a stable and durable wall hugger recliner with a suitable seat. Though additional requirements are not included in this recliner, it is suitable for meeting the basic needs of a wall hugger recliner.

Specifics before Buying a Wall Recliner

You just can’t go to a shopping mall and buy anything you like. It takes time to select the recliner that will suit your living room and provide you with the utmost comfort. Therefore, when the time comes to buy a wall hugger recliner, you have to consider some specifics. Things that you need to consider before purchasing a wall recliner are as follows.

Available Space: First of all, you have to measure the space that is available for keeping a recliner. If there is minimum space, you can select a traditional wall recliner. It won’t have the latest technology, but it will work within a bit of space. On the other hand, a two-set wall recliner with the latest in-built techs will be perfect if you have more space in your den.

Functioning Procedure: The functioning procedure of a wall recliner is another necessary thing to consider. There are remote-controlled and manually functioning wall recliners available in the market. You can select a manually functioned wall recliner when there is a budget limitation. Instead, go for a remote-controlled wall recliner if you can spend more on a recliner.

Material: Wall recliners are manufactured with different materials. Such as leather cushion, high-performance fabric, microfiber, fabric, polyurethane, etc. Other materials are suitable for various reasons. Hence, you can select the material of a wall recliner according to your financial plan and preference.

Color: A wall hugger recliner can be offered in different colors, such as elegant blue, dark black, eye-soothing gray, light chocolate, peaceful white, dark blue, hot yellow, dark chocolate, beautiful pink, lovely red, soft cream, and so on. Among a lot of colors, you have to select one piece that will increase the beauty of your living room.

Additional Requisite: A traditional wall recliner can be a simple place to take a rest. But a wall recliner with other requisites will be a fantastic place to enjoy television or coffee time. So, you decide which type of wall recliner you are looking for purchasing, the simple one or the gorgeous one.

Decorating Item: A wall recliner is a fantastic item for decorating a room. A sofa requires more space and looks quite uncomfortable within a small room. In its place, wall recliners take less space and look very comfortable within a small den. Therefore, you can make your simple den a gorgeous one by placing a suitable wall recliner. 

Wall Recliner vs Rocking Chair

Wall Recliner Vs Rocking Chair

A rocking chair is a chair that rocks forward and backward to give you a comforting feeling. It has a seatback to go back. You have to use your weight to move on a rocking chair. On the other hand, a wall recliner does not work like a rocking recliner chair. A wall recliner gives you the opposite feeling of a rocking chair.

A wall hugger recliner has a unique mechanism to lift a footrest from the front side of the chair. You can manually handle it, or you can use a remote controller to operate a wall recliner. Power-controlled recliners are available nowadays. It will depend on the design of the chair. The front side of a wall recliner chair gives you a suitable space to keep your legs comfortably.

But you won’t get this advantage from a rocking chair. Additionally, you will get a place to take rest with the utmost comfort because of the forward-moving mechanism of a wall hugger recliner. You will also get a comfortable chair and sofa when you need to use it like that.

On the other hand, a rocking chair will rock and move with your weight. But this chair will not be a great item if you want to spend much time resting or watching television for a more extended period. However, both a wall recliner and a rocking chair are good in their own ways. You can select one according to your necessity.

Advantages of having a Wall Recliner

There are lots of advantages if you have a wall recliner. Those are given as follows.

1. Space Saver: Not every person has much space to decorate a room with larger pieces of furniture. In that case, wall recliners work as a great space saver.

2. Peaceful Condition: When you want to place something in your room that will give you peace, you can undoubtedly go for a wall recliner.

3. Comfortable Furniture: A wall recliner is a very comfortable piece of furniture. Whenever you want, you can spend a relaxing and quality time sitting on a wall recliner.

4. 2-in-1: A wall recliner is a piece of 2-in-1 furniture. You can sit on a wall recliner like a chair. Also, you can turn on the footrest and the backrest if you need a little bit more comfort.

5. Place to relax: In addition to saving space in a room, a wall recliner chair gives the most relaxed place to sit and rest for a while.


Can you put a recliner against the wall?

It’s not good, but if you actually want, you should put some space before the wall.

Can I sleep on a recliner? Is it harmful?

Yes, you can, it’s not actually harmful, but it’s also not the right place to sleep.


Now you know what a wall recliner is, don’t you? Well, a wall recliner is an excellent piece of furniture to make a living room a comfortable place. After having a tiresome day, you can sit on a wall hugger recliner chair and enjoy a lovely time. You can entertain yourself by sitting on this chair and watching television for a while.

When you need to relax but don’t want to lie on your bed, you can use this wall hugger recliner chair and turn on the front mechanism. The backrest and footrest of a wall recliner will allow you to have the quality time you require for. The additional options of a wall recliner will give you much cushioning and a cup holder as well.

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