How to reset the Ogawa Massage Chair

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How to reset the Ogawa massage chair? You must first locate the massage chair’s reset button. This button is typically found on the remote control or the side of the chair. Once you get it, you must press and hold the Ogawa massage chair reset button for 30 seconds. After a little while, your massage chair ought to be adjusted and functioning normally once more.

If you want to reset your Ogawa massage chair, here are a few steps to take. We’ll go over how to correctly reset your chair in this blog post so that it functions properly once more.

What is the Ogawa massage chair?

The Ogawa massage chair was developed with the goal of offering a massage that is both relaxing and effective. The chair itself was designed with a range of massage techniques in mind, and as a result, it has a variety of massage heads that may be used to target various body parts. Additionally, the chair has a variety of settings that can be utilized to personalize the massage experience, and it even has a warming function that can be used to further ease muscles.

How to reset the Ogawa massage chair

There are a few easy actions you can take if you want to reset your Ogawa massage chair. You can start over and erase any previous settings on your massage chair by performing a reset. If you are having issues with your massage chair or just want to start over, this can be useful. Follow these instructions to reset your Ogawa massage chair:

1. Unplug any external power sources from your massage chair.

2. Take the massage chair’s batteries out.

3. For about 30 seconds, press and hold the Ogawa massage chair’s “Reset” button.

4. Change the massage chair’s batteries.

5. Reconnect the massage chair’s power cord.

6. Turn the chair’s massage function on and try it out.

You ought to be able to correctly reset your Ogawa massage chair if you stick to these instructions.

Reasons for massage chair resetting?

Your massage chair may reset itself for a few different reasons. It can be due to a power outage, a hardware issue with the chair, or a software problem.

What you must do is as follows:

1. Verify the power source. Verify that the power is still on if your chair is plugged into an outlet. If the power is out, wait for it to come back on before using the chair.

2. Examine the electronics in the chair. There might be an issue with the chair’s circuitry if it has reset itself. To learn how to access the chair, consult the user guide.

3. Test the program. A software issue with the chair may have caused it to reset itself. To learn how to access the chair’s software, consult the documentation for the chair.

4. Reposition the chair. You will need to reset the chair if you have examined the power supply, the chair’s circuitry, and its software but are still unable to determine why the chair has reset itself. You must refer to the chair’s handbook in order to reset it.

5. Make contact with the producer. You must get in touch with the chair’s maker if you’ve attempted all of the aforementioned solutions and are still unable to determine why the chair has reset itself. They will be able to help you solve problems.

Conclusion: How to reset the Ogawa massage chair

It is common to reset the massage chair. For instance, you’ll need to reset the chair after moving it to a new area so that it can adapt to its surroundings. Additionally, if your chair hasn’t been used for a while, it might need to be reset to make sure all of its features are operating as intended. Last but not least, you must reset the chair if you recently changed any of its settings in order for them to take effect.


Why is my massage chair not working?

There are several possible reasons why massage chairs may not work. The power cord’s improper insertion could be the initial cause. The circuit breaker tripping could also be the cause. And last, there can be a problem with the massage chair motor or controller.

Where is the fuse on a massage chair?

The fuse is typically found in the control panel of a massage chair.

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